What I've been working on lately...

July 2020 has been quite stressful, with the covid-19, change of government, Son being in Trumpland, etc plus having to deal with my wife being at home all day (she has been working from home since March). To lower my stress level and worries, I have been working on my arcade setup (front and backend), arcade setup done using Hyperspin... I have then proceeded to work on my Visual Pinball setup which I was putting off as its seemed scarier. Fast forward 1 month and I've finally gotten all the tables functioning with their respective backglass and DMD (if available). I then moved on to Future pinball but I found that the physics were a little off, balls were moving around and bouncing not to my liking, so I stopped that (will work on it later when I'm bored). I then started on Pinball FX2 and 3, enabling the backglasss for those were really tricky. Version 3 requires an internet access or u get this annoying pop-up. I'll do a small write up on the setup, etc (for my records to refer to later... if I forget).


Welcome to BenSong.com. This is the personal domain of Benjamin Song. If you need to contact me, you can email me here BenSong.com. Ben Song does not update this Ben Song dot com website very often. Please check from time to time for updates. I may update my blog when time permits but it doesn't look like that's going to happen for at least a couple of months.

Ben Song dot com has launched a variety of web packages:

- Web & Email Hosting (from RM250 per year)
- Travel Industry Portal (from RM3,800 per year)
- Real Estate Portals (from RM3800 per year)
- Domain Name Registration (from RM50 per year)
- Template Web Design (one time fee RM2,888)
- Search Engine Optimization (email for quote)
- E Commerce Site (from RM8,888 depending on requirements)
- Web Content updates, graphic art, banners, etc (email for quote)

Graphic Design - Screen, Print media

- Newsletters
- Brochures
- Product Catalog
- T-Shirt Design
- CD Covers

Email BenSong.com directly if you have any questions regarding the web packages. To check availablility for freelance work, please send me an email with job scope and deadlines, I will check my schedule to see if I can accommodate it.

For all new clients, please send me an email. I will reply all emails prompty, normally within a 12 hour period. If it is urgent, you can send me a direct message here or can be reach via my handphone (contact numbers are here). Thank you for visiting BenSong.com

Site Revamp

I've been extremely busy and have been neglecting my site. I've recently moved servers and will have to migrate my blog into an external site. Will do that once I find a little time.

Check on this site or send me an email, I'll reply when I can.