Android Apps

I was at a client meeting a couple of days ago and was asked by a client (who had JUST bought a smartphone) what apps I use on my smartphone. I thought about it for a couple of seconds and gave him a rundown of useful apps I use on a regular basis, everyone is different and I explained that these were the most beneficial to me. All these are free to download, some of these apps are supported by advertising so you may get an occasional flashing ad in the app but hey... its free :)

  • waze - GPS with community driven traffic reports
  • skype - calls and messaging
  • whatsapp - calls and messaging
  • WeChat - messaging
  • facebook - stay in touch with friends, family, clients
  • YouTube - great time killer! A Major Time-Sink!!
  • XeCurrency - Monitor our Shrinking Ringgit...
  • games - candy crush, sudoku, angry birds, 4pics 1 word
  • teamviewer - Access the office pc while on the go!

    A very useful utility that every smartphone user has is the flashlight app, it comes in really handy when there's a power failure or if you're looking for something you've dropped in the car at night! A built in feature now for IOS and Android but you have to use an app if your version doesn't support it.

    It kind of feels very Star Trekie walking around with it turned on, I'll stick a picture below of what I mean, this image always sticks in my mind... me being a huge STNG fan!


    Another 3 useful utility type app are the compass, calculator (CalcTape) and the measuring tape (smart measure) app, I have used those on several occasions. There are a whole bunch of other apps like Instagram, Expedia, QR barcode, Twitter and others but I don't use them enough to recommend them. I normally do my youtube in the office/home, its less laggy than watching a video streamed through the phone... which eats up tons of data!


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